Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

What is C-TPAT?

It stands for Custom – Trade Partnership against Terrorism. C-TPAT is a Voluntary joint government-business initiative by the US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) to enforce border security and build a supportive relationship among supply chains
The primary purpose of introducing the C-TPAT certification was to build a better social and cooperative relationship, which in turn, can help in improving the international supply chain as well as the security forces acting upon them in the US.
The C-TPAT recognized the importance of having a standard set in place for optimum cargo security. This goal can be achieved with the cooperation of supply chain stakeholders such as manufacturers, carriers, consolidators, importers, customs brokers, etc.
With the help of C-TPAT, the CBP (Custom and Border Protection) is making sure that the business houses are following proper implementation and integration of security practices all over the world.

Benefits of C-TPAT?

Following are the major benefits of C-TPAT:
  • It helps in increasing security awareness.
  • It provides enhanced security in the supply chain.
  • It helps in optimizing the border waiting time.
  • It facilitates companies in protecting and maintaining the brand image.
  • It also helps in reducing the no. of inspections.
  • It improves overall asset utilization and marketability.
  • It helps in reducing risk alleviation.
  • It ensures protection against thefts.

C-TPAT is Best for Companies Dealing in International Supply Chain:

Any company that is dealing with the international supply chain and wants to decrease the risk and protect it from imminent security threats is encouraged to apply for the C-TPAT certification.
Applying for it will support the companies to acquire:
  • Enhanced supply chain security.
  • Aid the Custom and Border Protection facilitation scheme and reliability.
  • Improved C-TPAT programs’ administration.

How C-TPAT Works?

When a company requests to join C-TPAT, it is required to sign an agreement that entails it to progressively work with the CBP for the compliance of the standard sets. For the compliance of this agreement, the company must work with CBP in identifying reasonable security gaps to make sure the required supply chain security and protection measures are implemented in the best possible way.
Any company applying for the certification should acknowledge various security topics and must also show a security profile listing all the action plans which will be responsible for aligning security in the whole supply chain process.

How Can You Get the C-TPAT Certification?

Aaron Solution is a certification consultancy firm that has been helping organizations all over the world to become compliant with different internationally acceptable standards like C-TPAT. It can help you achieve the C-TPAT certification in no time, assisting you to enhance security throughout the supply chain.

How We Do It:

Aaron Solution has a qualified team of certified expert trainers and consultants who are responsible for assisting companies in achieving and implementing the C-TPAT certification. We have designed our consultation process professionally to help businesses in adding value to their organization by implementing standards without a hassle.
Our certified experts help companies in becoming C-TPAT compliant to enhance the supply chain security, improve the administration, and support the CBP facilitation activities.