The Construction Products Regulation

What is CPR?

It stands for Construction Products Regulation – CE Marking. It is a mandatory EU standard for all construction products that are used within the EEA (European Economic Area). As per this law, the construction products must bear the CE mark before they are made available in the market. The CE mark is a quality compliance guarantee that the product is safe to be used and complies with all the regulation standard sets that are introduced by the EU.
However, having a CE mark does not guarantee that it will be suitable for all consumers. It is, instead, an assurance that the product has consistent DoP (Declaration of Performance) as manufactured by the company.
All construction products that bear the CE mark can be traded and purchased in the European Economic Area. It does not necessarily mean that it is also sellable or tradeable in the European States as the European States are fully in control to impose additional quality check requirements and compliance standard sets. The CPR replaced the CPD (Construction Product Directive) when the UK and the European Commission adopted it as the quality standard set to be followed by all construction product manufacturers.

Benefits of CPR for Stakeholders:+

Following are the primary reasons that the CPR will benefit stakeholders:
  • It will enable you to circulate your construction products in the EU’s single market without a need to re-test,
  • It allows the consumers to better define their performance needs regarding a specific construction product having a CE mark,
  • It enhances market surveillance, which in turn, offers a common information structure.

How to Gain CPR – CE Mark with Aaron Solution?

Aaron Solution is a certification consultancy firm with an aim to coach organizations and companies around the world to get the best-suited internationally recognized standard certifications like the CE mark for quality.
If you are a manufacturing company that makes construction products and falls under the EEA and the UK, Aaron Solution with its certified expert consultants can help you in achieving the CE Mark by helping to align your products with CPR defined standard sets.
To be able to put the CE mark on your products, there are a few steps that must be followed:
  • First, you must review and compare your operations to the defined CPR standard set and document the findings.
  • If you lack the defined standard sets then implement them and train your team accordingly to refine your operations. You can also have on sub-contract the Responsible Welder Coordinator role.
  • Perform internal auditing and review your management process and roles; refine and upgrade if needed.
  • Have an External Audit by having an accredited assessor from a Notified Body.
Once, all these tasks are achieved successfully then you can easily get the CE mark and you will retain it if you pass the annual surveillance visits by the CPR officers. Aaron Solution can be your partner in helping you clear all these stages. We believe in constant refining and up-gradation for compliance of the CPR standards.