Weld and Welding Symbol

Weld and Welding Symbol

How to read symbol.


Weld and Welding Symbol (Training)

Weld and welding symbols just like electrical and traffic symbols are a way of communicating design office details to the relevant personnel like the supervisors, inspectors and most importantly, the welders. In most cases, subcontractors have the responsibility of interpreting weld symbols to the clients and other players that need to determine the type of weld necessary. Regardless, every person must understand all the weld symbols and their requirements to meet the individual initial design of the project.

What are welding Blueprint Symbols?

These are the symbols that are used to send communications between the designer and the welder. They are basically shorthand code that describes the different types of welds, the initial sizes and finishing information among much other information. Before taking any welding project, a welder will definitely have to refer to the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). This is a document that gives all the information a welder needs to get working. After looking at the WPS, the welder will eventually head to the welding Blueprint with all the welding symbols, measurements and all the other information needed to complete the project.

Understanding weld and welding symbols

Anyone involved with design, inspection and fabrication of welded and soldered joints or anyone that wants to learn how to differentiate various welding symbols and prints needs to take a course. One major challenge is that majority of people today are very busy with daily hustles. Consequently, we all need convenient, affordable and effective ways of learning weld and deciphering welding symbols from home. So, are you preparing for a Certified Welding Inspector examination or wants to upgrade your knowledge of welding? If yes, you need to take weld and welding symbol training.
To be able to read Welding Blueprints, the welder needs to understand the different types of welds and their specific symbols. All the welding positions also have their unique symbols which appear as a drawing representing a simplified cross-section of the weld.

Welding symbol training course

The welding symbol training course offered by Aaron Solutions will help the student identify basic components of the welding print and at the same time differentiate the different joint and weld types. The student is also able to read and construct welding, brazing and nondestructive examination symbols.