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What is the need for API Certification?

API stands for American Petroleum Institute. It represents all facets of the oil and natural gas industry. It is recognised all around the world for its broad range of programs. It is pledged to maintain the highest level of confidence in its certification by having a fair assessment of its client’s management systems.
The technical standards published by API helps organisations to improve their cost-effectiveness and effectiveness. It assembles all the regulatory and statutory requirements, safeguards health and safety.
Aaron Solution provides you with world-class consultancy so that you can achieve API certification in a short time.

What is API Q1?

The latest version of API SPEC Q1 -Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organisations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry is 9th Edition, June 2013, Errata, October 2019.
API Q1 published first in the market before API Q2.
Typically, API Q1 applies to either manufacture products to API specifications, or provide industry services not covered by an API standard.
API Q1 adds risk-based assessments for product quality and delivery of the product. So the discovery of risk may be delayed.
Every API Q1 product during the stage of development must be passed the extra stage of validation, which one can be eliminated in API Q2.

What is API Q2?

The latest version of API SPEC Q2 -Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organisations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries is 1st Edition, December 2011, Addendum June 2016.
Usually, API Q2 applies to critical processes like equipment repair and maintenance, servicing, and inspection activities, but this list is long more.
API Q2 adds risk-based assessments for services and service-related product. So the discovery of risk may be prompt compare to Q1.
The service provider who uses SRP (Service-related products) or provide in the execution is not allowed for any exclusions.

What do we do to help you with your API certification?

  • At Aaron solutions, we have consultants and trainers who have a vast experience in their field of expertise. We help organisations implement API certification and even achieve it.
  • Our services consist of a complete package, which consists of training, consultation and implementation. We conduct mock assessments; a custom made training along with third-party inspection services. We take care of every aspect from the bottom to the top. We help you achieve new heights in oil and gas business, among all parts of the world.
  • We prioritise our client’s needs and take the utmost care of their business needs. We offer API training, implementation, gap analysis and many other services which help you achieve API certificate. We stay in touch with our clients at regular interval.
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