Welding Inspection

Welding Inspection

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Welding Inspection (Training)

For about 50 years now, welding has been in constant growth. The field has actually seen a couple of growth recently increasing the number of welders needed for different projects. This has also increased the need for more welding inspectors to keep a close eye on the welding projects. So have you been thinking of a career as a welding inspector? Do you think you have a great eye and emphasis for details? If yes, then you’re good to start a Welding Inspection course with Aaron Solutions. Many contractors out there still cite welding certification as a serious consideration when choosing people to employ. The reason for this is to confirm that the individual can perform different tasks safely and in accordance with the International codes and standards. Besides that, the individual welders should be able to reduce the cost and time spent on a certain project.
This is exactly what proves that every welder should think of a welding inspection course to gain the required qualifications, which can prove the quality and cost-effective skills for different projects. This course will help the participants understand all the roles of a Welding Inspector and install the confidence that you need as a welding inspector.
The knowledge that individual participants gain from this welding inspection courses will eventually help them develop responsible welding coordinator competence.

Developing a career as a Welding Inspector

The main work of a welding inspector is to examine, test and write reports about the metal connections and bonds. The inspector uses different electric instruments and visual tools to check and confirm the quality of different joints and bonds. Besides working in the field, welding inspectors can examine the different welding projects. The inspector can spend time in an office compiling different reports. So, before taking the course, you should determine whether you should become an inspector. Most inspectors work full time, and their work can extend beyond the business working days.

Welding Inspector Training program

Aaron Solutions offers a couple of Welding training programs. The welding inspector Training program is one course that is meant to prepare individuals to be certified welding inspectors. You will need to put up with the professional welder program for the first half of the program. After this, the participants will now be introduced to the program specifically geared towards welding inspection. The participants will take Quality Management Technique courses as an introduction to welding inspection. The student will now spare more time for preparation of working in welding quality control inspection and welding quality assurance.

What we offer

During your classes with us, you will learn some things about welding inspection, including becoming a visual welding Inspector. All this is aimed at giving you qualification based on competence and experience. You basically require a high level of skills and knowledge to be a welding inspector. So, if you want to transition from a general welder to a welding inspector, you definitely have to spare more time to acquire these skills.